Queer Women of Esports is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to

making competitive gaming a more inclusive and equitable place for the LGBTQIA+ population.


QWE firmly believes that, given the equal education, training, and opportunities, queer women belong in the top echelons of competitive gaming.

We offer free educational resources, mentorship, and will begin providing direct financial sponsorship in the form of scholarships in the Spring of 2021.   

We strongly support our trans sisters,

and welcome anyone who supports our mission to join our community. 



Image by Jose Gil

We Play,

But Don't Compete

More than half of women ages 18-29 play video games,

yet only 9% of them identify as “gamers”.


When you examine competitive video gaming,

the proportions become even more lopsided. 


Women make up a scant 5% of esports participants.

Abstract Ceiling

We Earn Significantly Less

In order to find a female gamer on the list of overall highest esports earnings, you have to scroll to number 325.


Scarlett, the most successful female esports professional, has earned a total of $350,000 in her career. 

By comparison, the number one overall male earner has grossed almost $7,000,000.

It’s not an even playing field.

Women who identify as queer face even more barriers.

So let’s fix it.

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