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Starting with the eternal quest for the Arcade leaderboard, competitive video gaming has witnessed exponential growth culminating in the current day billion dollar esports industry. Gaming is no longer a casual pastime, but a rich and vibrant ecosystem that competitors, broadcasters, coaches, artists and more can now call a career. 


Gaming has long drawn in a diverse crowd, with almost half of participants identifying as female and 10% LGBTQIA+. Esports, unfortunately, does not reflect this. 


Lack of access to resources & mentorship, gate-keeping, toxic environments and overt harassment have pushed marginalized genders, as well as queer and BIPOC individuals away from the industry. 


...but not for long.

About us

We are a dedicated team of passionate individuals who are changing the esports industry. Learn about who we are and why we're passionate about gaming and esports. 

We have several programs focused on changing aspects of the esports industry. Find out how we changing esports and how you can get involved.


All of our programs are run by dedicated volunteers. Every donation helps us make our programs better and available to more people, and ultimately, make a bigger impact.