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This program seeks to better prepare queer individuals and people of marginalized genders for their careers. Through mentorship, our aim is to create effective relationships, develop industry-relevant skills, and build diversity and inclusion in esports.

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Mentors and mentees will be matched February 1st, 2022, and will meet monthly through July 2022. 


Once accepted, all mentees will be provided with Blue webcams & microphones. 

Educational panels, followed by mentee-exclusive workshops will be held monthly, and focus on the necessary tools for success.


Mentees and mentors receive access to exclusive discord channels alongside other industry leaders. 


Mentees will work with staff and mentors on a passion project designed to improve the inclusivity of the industry. 

Top projects will receive a total of $5,000 in a monetary scholarship. 

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Use your resources
Mentees are paired with industry leaders who are allied with the mission of QWE and are encouraged to draw upon the wealth of their knowledge to formulate and enact their project. Mentors are encouraged to connect mentees with any relevant connections or resources that are needed to see the project to fruition. 

Teach & Inspire
At the end of the six-month cycle, mentees are given the opportunity to present their project to their fellow classmates as well as an independent advisory board. Top projects will receive a monetary scholarship totaling $15,000 USD.

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The Queer Women of Esports Capstone Project is designed to showcase our mentor and mentee’s talents, create a more diverse and inclusive community, and stimulate professional and personal growth.


Find a spark
Starting from the day they are accepted into the program, mentees are encouraged to think about how they can use their skills and leverage their mentor’s expertise to improve the esports and gaming industry.  

Build upon your idea 
After settling on one or two barriers that resonate with the mentee, they are encouraged to begin thinking about solutions they can enact themselves. 


We are seeking gaming and esports professionals with substantial experience in their field.

Mentor roles are not limited to LGBTQ+ individuals, and allies who believe in our mission statement are also encouraged to apply. 


Are you interested in a career in esports?

Are you involved in your industry already, but looking for professional development?

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