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QWE firmly believes that, given the equal education, training, and opportunities, queer women belong in the top levels of competitive gaming.

Salary Negotiation

Research shows that 20% of women do not even attempt to negotiate their salary.


Over the course of a 45 year career, that initial mistake can lead to a total loss of between $650,000 to $1 million.

Negotiating is a skill that can be improved.

Be prepared. Truly know your worth.  Make the first offer. Don’t negotiate with yourself. 

The keys to earning what you deserve lie in a few basic tips highlighted in these resources from Harvard.

By Women. For Women.

Team Kitty, a Twitch team formed in 2014 by KittyPlays, is dedicated to elevating women, inspiring content creation, and sharing joy through gaming. Our board members had the privilege of participating in a podcast marathon specifically dedicated to providing resources targeted to female streamers.

A total of twelve essential topics were covered, ranging from building communities in gaming, to the basics of graphic design. 
We’ve highlighted two of our favorite videos below, but would highly encourage you visiting their Twitch page for the complete content.

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