Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

QWE brings together the top names in the industry to discuss the fundamental issues facing the industry, and develop collaborative solutions. The discussion highlights from our Winter 2021 DEI roundtable are provided below in three separate documents.


This information is by no means exhaustive, or meant to serve as the expert guide to DEI in esports. QWE firmly believes in collaboration, and providing resources to the public, and not hidden behind a paywall. 



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What are we up against?

The first step to creating an inclusive esports ecosystem is indentifying the problems.


We've worked with industry leaders to develop a list of barriers that prevent marginalized genders and LGBTQIA+ individuals from meaningful participation. 

How do we define success?

What does an inclusive competitive gaming sphere look like? 

In order to truly solve problems, we first must develop a method of measuring the solutions. 

Take action

What can we do, right now, to address these problems. 

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